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Fournado: Mia turns 4

  So last year during this time we were in for third round of chemo with sweet Emerson ‘Mac’. We have had the joy of celebrating Amelia’s third birthday at Sugar roots farm. It was an absolute delight. Now mind you 24 hours before me, along with my husband and Manny and Mia headed out to go pick up her birthday t-shirts. Little did we know that the casual drive would be interrupted by us    rushing back home after Emerson had managed to have his G-tube pulled out and hurrying back out to go get it placed in surgerical clinic, by the wonderful Dr. R, before they closed and we would end up having to be in the emergency room. Remember this is literally right before the PANDEMIC. So we were super excited to celebrate Mia‘s third birthday and at that time with everything that was occurring and just such hope and strength in the Lord with Mac diagnosis, and the fact that he was doing so well we were beyond thrilled. So I decided that I wanted to start writing birthday letters to my kids. I f