Mom life

Little sleep ✔️
Kids in your bed ✔️
Changing kids clothes for the 3rd time in less than an hour ✔️
Stepping into something questionable in your socks ✔️

Being a stay at home mom, is a JOB! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. That has been my new title since being home for almost 5 months. Thanks be to God for my job that has been oh so very understanding with all the appointments and follow ups for Emerson.
But I have enjoyed spending thus time bonding with my youngest. Even cooking up new dishes, along with baking. I can see the fulfillment of being there for your kids. More so at this age. I’m sure by the time they are teenagers they will be finding ways to avoid me. Although I must admit my moments of avoiding or hiding from them so I don’t have to share my food. Heehee
So for now I will enjoy showing up to my sons class in my white coat and scrubs and talking about being a doctor. Or helping prepare for fall fest. I will read and snuggle every night, allow for cracked eggshells to be scooped out of the cookie dough batter, push the stepper so that I can have pancake helpers, fill the tub with bubbles, chase them in their bikes, push them on their swings...


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