Establishing Calderon

 It is now 5 years and 4 months later, 3 little ones a dog and a home that is being truly loved on. I will just be honest with you I still recall that day and well it was AMAZING. I mean I could have pulled half of my hair out with the whole process. The easiest choice for me was saying YES, and choosing my dress didn't seem so difficult. I have come to have a new found respect for event planners, for though I did not hire one, and I am far from being difficult to please, but it is hard work.
  It was a 3 year courtship that led God to joining us as one before our family and friends, in the town of New Orleans, which we presently call home. I would just like to point out the fact that despite all the tiresome days/nights of: making save the dates and invites, photo guest book, finding gifts for the bridal party and parents, finalizing the list (as the numbers grew)...IT WAS WORTH IT. To see how much we are truly loved.
   Our good friend got to officiate, both of my parents walked me down the aisle, his grandmother sat on the front row, he held a handkerchief just in case (though I has started crying way before!), not enough seating as people stood against the walls. All that planning for just a couple of hours to the beginning of our unity for life. I try so often to replay every moment of the days leading up to and including our wedding day.
  I would say that we have grown to know alot and yet not enough about one another. I am reminded everyday that if we don't keep God in the center of us, then we become very self centered. Our eyes turn away from God and we focus on our own flesh.
  I think we could both agree in saying that our favorite words are: I love youI am sorry, & I forgive you. Keep these in your vocabulary daily, and never forget.

  So with all this said, I write in hopes to remind those who are getting married, or just enjoy the ideas of weddings:
1. The groom is as Christ, and the bride His church
  if God was not your first love ladies, how are you to love your husband
  if you don't love God above all things gentlemen, how are you remotely to express love to your wife
2. Trinitiy :Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  marriage= husband + God + wife
3. Marriage is not just about the wedding day, its everyday and moment after
4. Remember my favorite words (let them become yours): I love youI am sorry, & I forgive you
5.Pray together


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