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Brave & Strong

Good evening everyone in Mac nation! Hey I like the sound of that. I mean you all as family, friends, even those who I don’t know personally, have been walking with Emerson during his journey with AML. Many of you know that this current admission into the hospital was not anticipated or even foreseen. Emerson had done so well during the course of treatment that when follow up studies were done and everything was returned as clean it was such a time of rejoicing. Of course I was doing my best to be diligent with him at    home, and we had check ups scheduled. Little did I know that    God had not quite finished Mac’s journey. In the past 2.5 days my happy bubbly Emerson was not so. He slept most of the day, not much smiling or laughing. It made me a bit nervous. As in the last 2 rounds of chemo Mac was quite happy, at least most of the time.  So I sing songs of praise today. We are currently on day 3 of 5. Can you believe it? The chemo has really working on his little body. In the first

How are you?

   How are you doing? It is such a simple question, that we ask one another on a daily basis.  Often times we give the same mundane response: I’m good, how are you Chillin (what does that mean, are you cold) Alright (good or bad) Simple head nod  The reality is that unless we are spending time with family or a friend, someone we genuinely care for that our responses can be anywhere close to the truth. I can admit that I have said ‘I am okay’, a handful of times since Emerson has been re-admitted. So much of the staff was so saddened to hear about his remission. Upon hearing that Mac’s leukemia was back, everyone was coming to check in on us. I can tell there is real heart for those working with pediatric patients. One of our nurses Ms. R was in tears. There is pain and anguish as so many of us don’t desire to see a child suffer.  When my mom and sister came to drop some clothes on our first night, they were crying. My mil also crying. Crazy is that every since Dr. V stated ‘it’s not go


I’m sorry I won’t do it again I will be good Please  Can I Mom...Dad (insert kids name) is *bothering me *wont share *hit me *touching me I used to think I would be the fun mom, but I have learned that I’m not. It’s like my severe Type A:     ✳️  The hypothesis describes  Type  A individuals as outgoing, ambitious,  rigidly organized , highly status-conscious,  impatient ,  anxious , proactive, and  concerned with time management . People with  Type  A personalities are often high-achieving "workaholics". (Bold and underline that is I) I think I struggle now more than ever. As a mother to 3 kids, all who have their own personalities. How dare they  😳 Of course I’m sensitive to Emerson, with all he has gone through. Though he is getting a bit mischievous.  I desire for ✅  my house to be clean at all times  ✅ for their never to be a mess after eating (as if we are in a horse stable) ✅ not have to change my own clothes, 5 times in a day  ✅ not to be asked for the 100th time to

My loving great-aunt Sarah

Hi everyone. So...I am the big 1! My mom says I can for sure start writing more for her. I mean my grammar and ability to put together such forward thinking post says it all.   This post is going to be a bit different from the rest.  As many of you know I am officially in remission.  =A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer. In  partial remission , some, but not all, signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In * complete  remission , (this is me!) all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared, although cancer still may be in the body. Can you believe that? I mean a year ago I made an entrance into the world, with a bang! So much so that my mother is just really catching her breath and enjoying all of my mischief  🤗 I am actually writing this in honor of my great-Aunt Sarah. Or as my pere-pere likes to call her ‘little sister’. As my father is from a family of ten children, he being the youngest #10, baby boy, well my great-Aunt Sarah was right before h

Cuddle or cry

So this past week has been filled with celebration.  ✅ no more chemo for Mac     *emerson rang the bell ✅ 1st birthday celebration     *drive by parade was sort of rained on by Cristobol, but we had a lovely group pass through!  *ladies from child life @ the hospital, sang for him and got him a balloon and a cupcake that sings     *another sing along celebration @ the clinic with cupcakes (carrot with cream cheese frosting) courtesy of Dr.V! I must say Emerson’s brows would have told you a different story of his lack of enthusiasm at what was going on. Overall those of us who could share in physical celebration, rejoiced with him. Many of you shared your thoughts through WhatsApp and some even sent letters.  It has been overwhelming the outpouring of love and support. I mean we have been receiving it from day 1, but this past week has been so joyous. Though I did not doubt the Lord’s capability to heal my son, I was not full of joy when I saw Mac suffering. The long days and nights of

Emerson turned 1...praise the Holy One!

Good evening all. So I obviously hadn’t written since a few days when Mac posted. Today was an absolutely amazing day!  *Mia was very excited to sing! Well first off let me say that my Lord and savior breathed life into me and many of my loved ones today, so that in itself is a blessing. But many of you know that today we celebrated Emerson’s 1st birthday! I can’t hardly believe it to be honest. I mean I’ve felt since his birth and recognition of what was perceived to be a visual impairment that God was going to be doing a work in Mac. Has he been faithful or what! Hallelujah (that would be the response from the Golden girls from my home church @Connect church Algiers).  This past year has been nothing short of miraculous. I’m thinking maybe a book or even short film. Ironically that has been on my heart a lot. Not because of a need to fill a $ void, but because I desire for others to hear his story and the healing process. That despite all the scientific medical stuff, God