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Manny and the big 6

  Better late than never. I’m starting this off pretty slowly. So last year during this time we I just completed our fourth round with Emerson, and I was super elated to get back home and to share some time with family. Especially because Emmanuel was going to be turning five. His golden birthday! So I had it all planned it was the new age of drive up parades and I was ready to have loads of people just drive by and love on Emmanuel from far away. But little did we know true to Emerson fashion he spiked a fever and we ended up back in the hospital. But that wasn’t going to stop me from making sure that Mac’s big brother had a wonderful time. I was so grateful for my mother-in-law, Ayeya was able to stay at the hospital with Emerson, and I was able to step out enjoy the festivities. I decided to start writing letters to the kids for their birthday when Emelia    turned three last year. What a wonderful way for the kids to have some thing to look back on and to reminisce. I mean let’s be

Fournado: Mia turns 4

  So last year during this time we were in for third round of chemo with sweet Emerson ‘Mac’. We have had the joy of celebrating Amelia’s third birthday at Sugar roots farm. It was an absolute delight. Now mind you 24 hours before me, along with my husband and Manny and Mia headed out to go pick up her birthday t-shirts. Little did we know that the casual drive would be interrupted by us    rushing back home after Emerson had managed to have his G-tube pulled out and hurrying back out to go get it placed in surgerical clinic, by the wonderful Dr. R, before they closed and we would end up having to be in the emergency room. Remember this is literally right before the PANDEMIC. So we were super excited to celebrate Mia‘s third birthday and at that time with everything that was occurring and just such hope and strength in the Lord with Mac diagnosis, and the fact that he was doing so well we were beyond thrilled. So I decided that I wanted to start writing birthday letters to my kids. I f


  Emerson we love you I am still learning from you, loving on your siblings ==•== Good evening. As many of you had recently read about my process of applying for a job. As many of you know I have not worked for over a year and a half. To be honest I’m not scared of going back.    I mean the world of medicine looks a lot different in the past year with a pandemic.  I currently am a stay at home mom, navigating home schooling my kids, with the help of my younger sister (who also is homeschooling).  I can tell you it is not easy.  The Lord ask "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." -‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬ ‭ Now with that said I can show appreciation for all that my parents did in their rearing of me as a child. Though it didn’t feel pleasant at the time I can see the results of following instructions as an adult.  I say all of this to get to my point of being intentional with my time and my prayers with the Lord. Making

I’m back....Gap year

  Defined as: A  gap year  is a  semester  or full  year  of experiential learning typically taken between high school graduation and college enrollment.  Gap years  are intended to  give  students a break from academics to discover themselves and consider what kind of education and career they want to pursue. Many of you know that I’m far beyond point of education. I basically was in school for over 20 years, I’m going back to kindergarten until I finished my residency. Well with a peace of mind I resigned soon after Emerson was diagnosed with AML. It was not a difficult decision. Currently I am trying to get back on the horse to practicing medicine again.  As many of you have experienced applying for a job you are asked to provide your CV, a resume. Now obviously each of your CV may vary based on your background and your skill sets.  As employee recruiter who is opening my file to review and evaluate my capabilities as a physician they will note a few things.  On hearing this, Jesus