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My big brother Manny, he is cool! Good morning everyone. So my mom is letting me write today, and boy has there been a lot going on. I want to first say thank you to God, because I am home, and although I’m  🤮  It’s been easier re cooperating at home after my 4the round of chemo. My mom asked that I could get TPN, that nutritional stuff through my port (semi-permanent central line). I am connected to it for 12 hours. *btw I’m getting the dressing changed today on that, and it’s the pits. My nurse, God bless her, sprays this cold stuff to loosen it up, but it hurts like  😩 .  Last time, after my 3rd round I was so  🤮  that I ended back in the hospital in like 48 hours. So I’m glad to be home. I’ve gotten to play with my siblings, Manny and Mia. That is when they are not bickering amongst themselves. I keep hearing ‘sharing is caring’, but I am not seeing applied.  Did you know that my mom is a teacher? I mean not really, but she has to help with my siblings as they are ou


So it has been sometime since I have posted. Happy resurrection to you all. Jesus lives! As many of you all know that we had a glorious one month stay in hospital. Emerson did well with third round, but had some severe effects within 24 hours of getting home. As many of us have been put in time out...with my kids, due the pandemic I am learning so much.   ✅ Manny is quite hard on himself, he wants to do the best, and often times he expects that from the beginning. He is always willing to learn something, that is to his liking ✅ Mia is quite stubborn, but enjoys anything that is creative or she gets to use her hands to do fine little details.  ✅ Emerson is attempting to make moves. He is constantly squirming and attempting to scoot. I feel like he will walk before crawling.  As everyone has been tucked up in their beds, I have a moment solo. But I must confess. The past few nights Mac has had a hard time sleeping through the night. Most likely from a rec