Emelia Rose Calderon
Emelia: to work/industrious (GOT)
Rose: kind/fame (honoring both grandmothers along with my maternal grandmother)

Now this little lady is my sassy child. We had always figured we would expand our little crew. So soon after Manny turned 1 we decided to try again. No sooner did we start trying that I found out we were expecting. Both of my guys were excited. Looking back Mia was making sure here entrance into this world would be remembered. I managed to get pneumonia during my 6th month. I tell you not being able to breath was the worse! From then I just could keep my immune system up. As we came closer to her due date it was Mardi Gras. The year prior we had taken Manny and I was determined to let him enjoy it. I was of no help as I waddled to the parade route, praise God for family! They passed my little guy around as I rested. I was now on maternity leave and this little girl still had not made her presence known. I managed to get bronchitis now and Manny had the flu. I just thought Lord take me! I was trying everything to get this baby out in between testing and ultrasounds at the hospital. Mia has a plan though, she knew that her great grandmothers birthday was on the 2nd of March and she was going to make a grand entrance. I went to bed with some mild contractions but awoke to them being much stronger. Had we not arrived when we did, I would have had a home birth. No sooner did the resident physician check me, I yelled ‘I need to push!’ Three pushes later into the bed there she was, yelling at the top of her lungs!
Elvin reacted it’s a girl!
Loves coloring
Reading books


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