Emmanuel Ernesto Calderon
Emmanuel: God is with us
Ernesto: serious/earnest (after his dad’s middle name)
Cinco de Mayo!
Yes this is the response you will receive when you ask Manny, as we have lovingly come to call him, when his birthday is.
Soon after marrying and deciding we were going to allow God to determine if and when we would start having children, we found out we were expecting.
We were living with my sister and her husband, as we both had just moved back into the city. As we realized that we were starting a family we decided to look for a home, while simultaneously adopting a dog, Stella, from a shelter. We truly weren’t worried about the kid of responsibility thrust upon us. We were excited! We made a registry and made sure our room and baby’s room were complete as a minimum. Now as many of you know I am a physician, and I have followed and delivered many babies. Now it was my turn and I was truly at awesome. We decided not to find out the sex, which if you had asked elvin he would have looked at ultrasound and made an educated guess. To him the ultrasound just looked like black/white lines. I must admit I was stuck on the name Emmanuel, and was determined boy or girl that was the name.
As my due date approached we decided to enjoy our time as a family of two. We went to jazzfest 2 weekends in a row. I went to work, felt a bit sore and was moving quite slowly. At my check up I was told I was 3cm dilated, and told I would probably be back.
I wanted nothing more but to not have to be confined to a bed. So 5 minutes apart for 2 hours later, we head out to the hospital. They bring us to this ginormous room, like a suit! It was go time, we arrived around 2am, no later than 8am, we had a beautiful healthy baby boy! He has turned my life upside down in so many ways and I love him so much for it!
Soccer, tennis
Riding his bike (no training wheels)


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