Fournado: Mia turns 4


So last year during this time we were in for third round of chemo with sweet Emerson ‘Mac’. We have had the joy of celebrating Amelia’s third birthday at Sugar roots farm. It was an absolute delight. Now mind you 24 hours before me, along with my husband and Manny and Mia headed out to go pick up her birthday t-shirts. Little did we know that the casual drive would be interrupted by us  rushing back home after Emerson had managed to have his G-tube pulled out and hurrying back out to go get it placed in surgerical clinic, by the wonderful Dr. R, before they closed and we would end up having to be in the emergency room. Remember this is literally right before the PANDEMIC.

So we were super excited to celebrate Mia‘s third birthday and at that time with everything that was occurring and just such hope and strength in the Lord with Mac diagnosis, and the fact that he was doing so well we were beyond thrilled.

So I decided that I wanted to start writing birthday letters to my kids. I felt that they could look back on these wonderful little notes and have something to share with their kids. And what better way than to be in a digital format for all to see through our family blog! 


So today we celebrate Emelia, once again.

As of late I’ve been seeing a lot of little Memes about the struggle of a newborn. And it’s followed up by a picture of mom with a toddler and that is when the real struggle begins.

I think most moms have etched every possible detail in the birth of their children. That could be the one child they have or the seventh 10th 11th child that they’ve had. I think it’s significant to try to remember those details because even though in that moment you are exhausted and trying to physically recuperate, the emotional elation and bringing a child into the world is honestly beyond words.

Our world forever changed four years ago when we welcomed you. Big brown eyes full set of hair little girl into this world. I must remind you that we did not know what we were having so a little girl was a true delight especially for my daddy. I have been personally knocked down from queen position. 

Oh, how are you have grown and flourished this past year. You went from starting school to making friends and learning how to speak more clearly. You still tend to give out that banshee like scream whenever you’re not getting what you want. And boy do you know how to turn on the water works. Currently you are all about princesses. Elsa, and Anna from frozen are your absolute favorite. Your hair is about to the middle of your back and when it’s wet it is so fine and straight. But if you ask me to wear it down boy those curls just tighten all up and you shake and slip the hair like it’s nobodies business. I have never known a real life princess but I think I have one living right underneath my roof. They say that the age of three creates threenager ‘s, basically you behave a lot like a teenager well or would I assume a teenager acts like nowadays. But now the year of the four well I’ve heard that it’s going to be a tornado, hence for fournado.

Right now you spend some of your days learning from your special tutor, Miss Judy but you thoroughly enjoy seeing peas porridge hot. And you love matching games. Anytime you can interrupt your brother and your older cousin pop in the activities in front they’re having you jump at the chance. You’re younger baby cousin asher boy you give him a run for his money. You two are like oil and water you fight yet you mix somehow someway.

Part of me is saddened because I know it just doesn’t seem like I have enough pictures of you and your baby. Even though you loved him so very much. Just seems that you and me have a similar trait and not being so affectionate all the time. But lately you talk about him you speak his name and it always makes me feel so very happy to know that you have them in your heart. I often wonder what she would be doing right now if he was still with us. Probably helping mom change his diaper or trying to feed him. When you love you love hard little girl. 

I must admit there are times that you drive mama absolute bananas. But I’ll admit I wouldn’t want it any other way. You have brought so much joy and delight into this family. I can only pray that this year will be prosperous for you. I pray that you will learn more grow more because kinder and wiser. I can only hope that one day as you read this it will bring you a smile.

Heavenly Father , thank you for Emelia Rose Calderon. I thank you for choosing me to be her mom. It is the absolute best gift that I could’ve asked for. I ask that you continue to mold her and shape her. Jesus may you give me the wisdom and the endurance to run this race as her parent so that I may guide her and teach her your ways. Heavenly father keep her, protect her, watch over her by the the power of your holy Spirt . May she continue to be reminded how much she is loved. That she was created for a purpose. May every day that she lives the glorifying to your name. Pray this in Jesus precious name amen


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