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Manny and the big 6

  Better late than never. I’m starting this off pretty slowly. So last year during this time we I just completed our fourth round with Emerson, and I was super elated to get back home and to share some time with family. Especially because Emmanuel was going to be turning five. His golden birthday! So I had it all planned it was the new age of drive up parades and I was ready to have loads of people just drive by and love on Emmanuel from far away. But little did we know true to Emerson fashion he spiked a fever and we ended up back in the hospital. But that wasn’t going to stop me from making sure that Mac’s big brother had a wonderful time. I was so grateful for my mother-in-law, Ayeya was able to stay at the hospital with Emerson, and I was able to step out enjoy the festivities. I decided to start writing letters to the kids for their birthday when Emelia    turned three last year. What a wonderful way for the kids to have some thing to look back on and to reminisce. I mean let’s be