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What is your focus?

Krewe of Calderon! So a short update and then I’m going to get real.  Praising God for Emerson’s health. I mean his numbers continue to improve. This week Mac has been quite congested, which means a lot of coughing attempting to bring that yucky junk up. We continue to work on eating, sometimes with enjoyment, other times with uttermost defiance. Lips so tight, I know that he is breathing through his nose, and he will not budge. Not even a small opening to taste. We have been sleeping better with continuous feeds (checkout post on 2/16/2020) This past Friday...well let’s just says it had been a day. It’s Mardi Gras down here in New Orleans, so that means busy city and kids are off for a week. On top of that I’ve been trying to make sure things are in order, at least in my eyes, before Emerson is re-admitted for his 3rd round of chemo. I often find myself so caught up in ‘stuff’ I forget about what’s really important. My kids! Have you heard of Mary and Martha? Well


Listen to me Good morning everyone. It is a lovely  🌧☔️  day over here in New Orleans. I am sure many of you read up on Emerson’s update this past week, but I figured I would giver everyone a run down and catch up on some things. ✅ imaging done shows no sign of leukemia       *brain (which had multiple lesions)=now NONE      *left groin (large mass, which would have required radiation)= GONE ✅ bone marrow biopsy: cleared ✅ blood counts: I’m recovery mode Evaluations ✅ had a swallow study: to evaluate his ability to swallow  Click here to watch Mac is breastfeeding just fine, but remember he has the mucositis during this last round, and he has lost weight. So we, medical team and I, want to make sure he doesn’t have an issue with feeds (bottle or table food) *he did aspirate, milk giving by syringe Now this is not good, that means he would be at risk for food/liquid getting into his lungs. Now the good this is, as soon as it happened Mac was able to cough well

Again? More testing

Good morning everyone. My mom says I can write a quick note before being rolled back. So once again I have been starved, and I’m not so happy about it  😤 . My ayeya is holding me and singing to me. They have attempted to try some musical toys and gadgets, but I just want a warm belly full of my mommy’s milk  😋 . So my morning started off well. A diaper change by my daddy and snuggles with Manny and Mia. Then it was time to put my hat and coat on and be strapped into my illustrious throne of a car seat. As we arrived I was awoken to be changed into my travel throne. I knew something was afoot as I was rolled into a building, with all too familiar smells and surroundings. We rolled into MRI, as we were greeted by a receptionist, whom my ayeya knows (yes New Orleans is that small). Soon after we were called back. As my pere-pere says ‘That’s what I’m talking about!’ They attempted to take my blood pressure, but I just wasn’t about that squeezing my leg and arms  😒 . Soon af

Ask and God will move

Good morning everyone. Well my mom says I can write again. I mean I would have written last night but I had a rough afternoon.  I’m going to get the details out the way, because have I got a story for you.  Since our last post I had a follow up with the cancer doctor and well, it was all good! I didn’t have to get stuck with the doctor getting a red bag (blood) or golden bag (platelets). I’m not so worried about my siblings or cousins loving on me, as they are covered with germs  🤧 .  The sticky part of my days is that I have been throwing 🤮  up more. As a matter of fact I threw up so many times, my mother actually had to change her clothes like many times. So I been getting feeds through the button in my belly. I don’t particular care for it, but I understand why. I mean last night my mommy connected me to the feeding pump. I think she is concerned about my weight and of course all the abnormal stuff that was happening to my blood test. Between you and me I know she doe