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My is real

Good afternoon all. I want to first give glory and honor and praise to my heavenly Father, that through the power of the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus, there has been a granting of healing to Emerson. We are currently home. Mac plans on updating by weekend. He has a few busy days ahead, including today at clinic I thought it would be a change of pace to give you all, and myself to be honest a reality check. Last night by the grace of God, and mama rosa (who took Mac to sleep with), I slept. But prior to laying my head down I spent some time with Manny and Mia. Often times that can just be so much more stressful, but it was nice. I feel like I had a rough morning, and ended up reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, not so good day It was actually pretty good. Though I realized something: because I live in thus world, there will be horrible days until I meet Jesus. Sometimes I allow my ability to smooth talk a situation and make it appear that all is well, when actually the

Home sweet home

Good morning everyone.  So it’s Hottttt! And, oh yes I’m back home! It’s been about a week now. I am going to give you all a break down of what occurred and let you know what’s to come. Here it goes: ✅ 4th round of chemo occurred second to last week of April     *it went pretty well. I basically took my chemo and told my leukemia cells to stand back and get out!   ✅ I went home after my 6th day and last dose  *got to go home and hang out with my siblings     *i can’t wait to start walking and moving more, there in for a rude awakening! 😊 ✅ @ my follow up my mom was told that basically my numbers were ZERO!      *remeber ANC ( thereal number of white blood cells (WBCs) that are neutrophils), well that’s the important for my immune system.      *my mom was told she could go home or be admitted, well she chose to go home for a few more days! ✅ Saturday before my big brother Manny’s    5th birthday, I got a fever. That’s not good especially when I’m neutrop

My mom rocks!

Hanging out...that’s what it’s called when we have been in the hospital due to low blood counts and basically just being monitored until numbers come back up. So my mom wrote a letter to my big brother for his 5th birthday. From what I hear he had an amazing parade (my mom will post video). My ayeya came and stayed with me so my mommy could be there.  *my mom apologizes for the tears As you can figure we are back in hospital since this past Saturday. I was doing my best to stay home and be able to celebrate with my Manny, but last Saturday morning I got a fever. Well, at my doctor visit the previous Thursday I was told that ✳️  my blood count and platelets were down= need for transfusion soon ✳️ neutropenic        🧪 presence of abnormally few  neutrophils  in the blood, leading to increased susceptibility to infection. It is an undesirable side effect of some cancer treatments. Neutrophils  are a type of white blood cell that helps heal damaged tissues and reso

Manny’s Golden birthday

Good morning. I attempted to get a jump start at today’s post. Today my first born, Emmanuel turns 5. It’s also special as it’s his golden birthday, as he was born on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.  Currently I sit with our youngest Mac, as we pray for his counts to improve, so we can go home!  In the meantime I had the ingenious plan to create a socially distant party parade plan for Manny. He has no idea! I can’t wait to see his expression.  As I love traditions and sticking to some sort of order, in the mix of chaos, I of course wanted to write a letter to my sweet boy. To my big boy, Where should I begin? My dear sweet Manny,  It was actually 6 years ago that your daddy and I were only a few weeks away from being husband and wife. We knew we wanted to have kids, and we were going to allow and trust in God to decide exactly when. Well no later did we celebrate pere-pere’s birthday was it my surprise that God was beginning to physically knit you in my womb. Your dad w