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What if (fill in the blank)

 During our last admission Definition: despite the possibility that; no matter whether. These are the words that ought not be uttered by a mother, father, guardian of a child. There is a saying “And the What Ifs are the worst...”. They truly are Many of you who have followed us for this past year. During which time we welcomed our sweet boy Emerson, and by the time he had lived 1/3rd of his life were given the diagnosis of leukemia. During this same time Mac’s dad chose to change his career path and began training to become a  🧑🏾‍🚒 . Now you may not now how there schedule is, but they are on for 24 hours then off for 48, that doesn’t include if they are needed for overtime. I say all this because, well today he is on shift. That means that I have less of an excuse to actually go lay in bed. Our other two children are sleeping peacefully.  Lately I do not  😴  very well. On the one hand I have so many things to do, and no I am not  🧹🧽  my house  🤥 ! I do have so many things on my


  *not feeling or showing gratitude; not pleasant or acceptable Morning everyone. It has been a while since I have written. I will be honest, as I have always been. My motivation for the blog has not diminished but let’s just say I’m trying to catch up. Well what does that even mean?  I am still in the current mode of ‘just being mom’. Now with that said, I do not by any means diminish this role. If anything I have a profound gratitude for the many women who have taken on this role of motherhood. Believe me there are many versions as well.  I have always wanted to be a mom, but I don’t think the desire of being a mother and the reality of the responsibilities are remotely in the same realm.  You see you enjoy holding your niece/nephew or even your best friends kid. You do not mind babysitting or picking that cute outfit while your picking up something for yourself.  The reality is this ✅ you are responsible for a life ✅ clothes are worn today, and shrink overnight     ✳️ so hand me dow