Different Route

 Hi everyone. It is about 1am and I am working on some new things for you all. I look back at the selected post that opened up this blog, when I initially started this to share with you all about Emerson's diagnosis and his treatment plan.We plan to continue to share stories about Mac. Our hope is that this blog will continue to be a light in time of darkness for so many. We hope that you continue to journey with us on this new adventure. Though as hard as it has been and will be to know that Mac is no longer with us, we rejoice in knowing that he is with Jesus and no longer suffering. So come along with us on a new adventure, always remembering him and glorifying God.

In Christ

The Calderons




  1. Thanks, Elizabeth, for keeping us informed of the progress of your family. We speak his name EMERSON for he has touched many lives and his mission isn't over. Our family will always remember him as an example of strength as we carry out our mission in life.


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