I’m back....Gap year


Defined as:

gap year is a semester or full year of experiential learning typically taken between high school graduation and college enrollment. Gap years are intended to give students a break from academics to discover themselves and consider what kind of education and career they want to pursue.

Many of you know that I’m far beyond point of education. I basically was in school for over 20 years, I’m going back to kindergarten until I finished my residency.

Well with a peace of mind I resigned soon after Emerson was diagnosed with AML. It was not a difficult decision. Currently I am trying to get back on the horse to practicing medicine again. 

As many of you have experienced applying for a job you are asked to provide your CV, a resume. Now obviously each of your CV may vary based on your background and your skill sets. 

As employee recruiter who is opening my file to review and evaluate my capabilities as a physician they will note a few things. 

On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mark 2:17

That is located right from the start. Why would I include this? Well that’s easy. As a believer I understand why Jesus came. It was for the sick, sinners. Well I in my drive to become a physician I desired to help and serve the sick. Though I may not heal each one, I will make sure to put in full effort to serving them in bettering their health.

Now after that you will notice the typical portions of a CV ‘resume’





•work experience 

Now if you were to look closely the last time I worked was November 2019. It was actually 11/6/19. GAP YEAR!

I was not just off traveling or learning how to build things. I had made the very easy choice to take care of my sick child. It was not a hard decision. As Mac’s mom I wanted to make sure he had the best care, and who better than his mama, who by God’s grace was also a physician. 

Now can I make you snicker a little?

First read:

  All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent. -Isaiah 28:9 NIV

I had a conversation with a recruiter, and of course the question came up about the gap in my work. So of course I shared  the course of the past year and the loss of my child. As customary he shared his condolences. As our conversation progressed and questions were asked and answered, it appeared to be going well. Then it happened...

The gentleman then proceeded to state that if my application was approved and we moved forward that maybe not including what happened in the past year. So for me not to mention my son’s illness and his death due to cancer. That maybe I stepped back from work to tend to my other children due to this pandemic. 😳

Are you kidding me? Well before he could finish, I interrupted.

‘Thank you for your time, but I am no longer interested in your employees position. I will not be a good fit. Goodbye.’

He then struggled with a reply.

I then hung up.

Yes. That was the first and last. I say this because I will not be deterred from speaking about my child, nor our experience in the past year. This past year, 2020, was more than just a pandemic for me and my family. It was a lot of battles and victories that ultimately lead to my son, Mac, being reunited with Jesus. Anyone not willing to accept that after reading through my CV, resume, than they are not meant for me.

Jesus, thank you for clarity. I am so grateful for allowing me to be Emerson’s mom. To giving me 15 wonderful months of him. Though I desired for him to be with us still, I know your plans for his life were fulfilled, despite the short time here. I am grateful that you gave this season to me and my family. Yes we grieve in missing him, but we rejoice for you are good: today, tomorrow and always. Lord continue to make clear what you desire for me and open those doors, and may I not look back in the doors you close. In Jesus name amen. 


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